OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION: May is National Preservation Month!

One of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s programs to work towards their goal of “providing leadership, education, advocacy, and resources to save America’s diverse historic places” is the proclamation of May as National Preservation Month.
As part of this program, the NTHP offers up a proclamation template that local governors and mayors can use to officially proclaim May as National Preservation Month (go ahead, you can steal it – the most creative people and the smartest entrepreneurs do).  
Now, we haven’t ever been officially elected to any public office position (it’s okay, we didn’t want to hold office anyway, we are just much too busy saving our built history), but we’re going to go ahead and take a few liberties and proclaim May as National Preservation Month anyway.

Heed our call to action and spread the word – May is National Preservation Month!  And we’ll be recognizing National Preservation Month all throughout May on our Facebook and blog with features on the “hidden gems” of historical preservation that we want to share with you – people, places, resources, and more from Lancaster and surrounding areas that you may not have met before.  
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