Stone Farmhouse

In this project we replaced modern cabinetry around the stove with historically sensitive cabinetry we created in our millwork shop that had maple countertop and shelves, a leather back splash, and was finished with traditional milk paint.

We also constructed sink and dishwasher cabinetry.  These were finished with milk paint, though the drawer fronts and back splash had a natural finish for a nice contrast against the milk paint.  For this cabinetry, we installed a soapstone countertop.

The refrigerator cabinet pictured to the left of the stove and its new cabinetry was designed after a cabinet featured in the February 2004 edition of Early American Life.  (Should you have a copy that pile of magazines you fondly refer to as your “archives”, or manage to dig one up somewhere, you can see the picture on pg. 28.)

We also fumed the newly installed poplar ceiling to achieve an aged patina look to match the reclaimed beams.  Custom doors were constructed to conceal the laundry closet, and TV cabinet with a curly maple faux finish.