Traditional Building Show

Last weekend Chuck, Lois, Jonathan, and Danielle traveled to Boston for the Traditional Building Show. The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference is sponsored by Restore Media and features a trade show with traditional building products and seminars featuring traditional building topics (both theory and practical). The focus of most of this spring’s seminars where the green building movement within preservation – more posts about that later.
Chuck and Danielle presented ‘Traditional Building Methods vs. Modern Approaches’ on Saturday, March 14th. We have many seminars we have developed for various preservation groups – soon we will have a listing with description posted on our web site.
These pictures (above) where taken at the Boston Commons on our only adventure outside of the convention center (who ever designed the convention center, which is a combination of a mall, offices, restaurants, hotels, and the actual convention space, knew how to keep people entertained within the confines of the area). We did not realize celebrating for St. Patrick’s Day was beginning over the the weekend – we had a hard time finding a restaurant with room. We did walk the Freedom Trail to Paul Revere’s house and found a little Italian restaurant to eat in.
Once we have time to digest the various seminars we attended we will post summaries on our blog to share the knowledge we have acquired.