Keperling Preservation Services personnel are artisan craftsmen that approach their trade with the same integrity onsite and offsite and are involved in local and national Preservation and Historic organizations.

Do you want a company whose approach to restoration is to create art?

Do you appreciate a company whose principles on the site and in the shop oversee every aspect of the job?

Is it important to you that we are committed to continuing our personal education in the Preservation Trades?


Average Project Budgets Begin at:

These average prices are based on previous projects. Prices will vary depending on project size (scope of work/ square footage), materials used, location and the amount of labor involved to create the end result the you desire.

• Custom Kitchen Cabinetry – $30,000.00
• Sympathetic Additions – $100,000.00 (average $300.00 per square foot)
• Renovation of existing space – $60,000.00
• Whole House Restoration – $400,000.00 (average $300.00 per square foot)