Using a holistic approach when approaching work on your older building helps to ensure that the repairs, reconstructions, or maintenance activities we perform are a long-term solution rather than a temporary fix. Our understanding of how the various building systems interact helps us to ensure that the project we complete is not simply a band-aid solution but rather that the sequence of repairs we suggest ensures that the work that is completed is protected from future damage from the underlying problem.

Preservation (maintaining what is existing) is the original green building solution.
  Many new products are being introduced as green building – we would argue that existing buildings are inherently green and have many sustainable features, such as, durable and repairable materials not found in modern construction.  The embodied energy within an existing building is lost when we tear-down to create a new green building.  The reuse/repair of buildings also creates a smaller carbon footprint than building a new green building.  Many of the modern building solutions retro-fitted into older buildings have caused our older buildings to become less efficient by reversing these modern changes (using the traditional building features in the manner in which they were intended) we can help rethink the assumptions generally made about older buildings and their efficiency.

Restoration activities (recreating what has been lost through neglect, damage, or modernization) can also be a green activity by reusing materials that have been salvaged from buildings being demolished.  
Many of the visible features we use are salvaged materials from wide-board flooring with its original patina to the first growth White Oak used to create our reproduction window and door frames.  Using these materials in our restoration projects helps to ensure that the building materials have been kept out of the land-fill and are reused as the ultimate form of recycling.

The architectural design and essence of the home when it was built should not be, and does not need to be, compromised to enjoy modern materials and conveniences. Our complimentary approach using traditional building methods together with modern materials and current problem solving methods (when appropriate) are the best of what our built heritage and modern progress has to offer.

An exchange of ideas between all parties in a project is the fertile ground needed to nurture the best solutions.   Whether you choose to work with your own architect for the design of your project or use our own Design/Build system, we have the ability to carry out your vision for your space.  And we believe that the flow of ideas between everyone in your project is what will produce the best end result.

Our homes are more than mere shelter, where and how we live reflects who we are. Homes much like our personal lives change and evolve. Architecture is the snapshot of place and time past and present. As good stewards to our environment our duty is to establish, where needed, and retain practices that will allow us to enjoy the heritage of those who have come before us.

We believe that restoration of our vintage homes is a necessity if we are to thrive as a nation and that the past is our legacy to the future.