On this week’s episode of the Practical Preservation Podcast we spoke with Mindy Crawford, Executive Director of Preservation Pennsylvania. We discussed the role of the preservation office and the importance of local advocacy in protecting historic buildings.  

You can find more information on Preservation Pennsylvania and membership opportunities on their website

Rory Brennan of Plaster Magic joined the podcast today to discuss his unique products and why repairing is often a better (and easier!) option than replacing, especially when it comes to plaster.  

You can find Plaster Magic products on their website: https://plastermagic.com, and you can contact the office via email at [email protected], or by phone at (802) 254-1330. 


This week on the Practical Preservation Podcast we spoke with Sarah Marsom, Heritage Resource Consultant. We discussed how changes in communication during the pandemic have opened up resources to those who may not have been able to access them before and why inclusive storytelling is important to preservation. We also discussed the importance of salary transparency and how to be creative when finding grant funding for your project.

Sarah is the founder of the #DismantlePreservation Virtual Unconference and the Tiny Activist Project. You can find more information about both of these on Sarah’s website: https://www.sarahmarsom.com.

You can find Sarah on Facebook and Instagram, her email is: [email protected]

On this week’s episode, we spoke with Alyssa Frystak of PlaceEconomics about the benefits of deconstruction, and how data can be used to preserve historic neighborhoods and affordable housing.

You can find Ms. Frystak’s recent papers on these topics on the PlaceEconomics website at: https://www.placeeconomics.com. There, you will also be able to find the Weekend News Roundup and the PresPolls mentioned in this interview.

This week on the podcast, we spoke with Candacy Taylor of Taylor Made Culture. We discussed The Green Book, and Ms. Taylor’s latest project documenting Green Book sites across the country. We also discussed the importance of place preservation, and why documenting sites that no longer exist is critical to the American story.

You can find Greenbook digital copies here: https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/collections/the-green-book#/?tab=about

Learn more about Ms. Taylor and her projects at www.taylormadeculture.com.

This week on the Practical Preservation Podcast, Michael Edison of Edison Coatings joined us to discuss how he broke into the field of historic preservation with a degree in chemical engineering.  Michael discussed the importance of a well educated staff and why technical trainings are in everyone’s best interest.  We also discussed how the field of historic restoration and preservation is reducing the carbon footprint of construction.

If you email Edison Coatings at [email protected] and ask to join the mailing list, Michael will send you a $100 coupon to use towards an online training with Edison Coatings (make sure to mention this offer, you don’t want to miss out!)

You can find Edison Coatings at www.edisoncoatings.com  

On this week’s episode, Storm Cunningham of the RECONOMICS Institute, joined our discussion. Storm is an author, keynoter, publisher, and advisor, who specializes in the community and regional revitalization process. Storm and Danielle discussed the economics of restoration, and the importance of viewing revitalization as systems, instead of projects.

You can contact Storm via his email address: [email protected], and can find more information about Storm on his website: www.stormcunningham.com.

If you are interested in the RE Facilitatorâ„¢ program Storm discussed in this weeks episode you can find the course at www.reconomics.org. Use coupon code CRISIS for $100 off.

This week we spoke with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America about his photography of abandoned buildings, and how photographs play a role in the preservation of historic places.

You can find the Abandoned America website at www.abandonedamerica.us.

If you work in restoration and have access to abandoned places you can contact Matthew at [email protected] about photo opportunities.

This week we spoke with Sam Pardue of Indow Windows and discussed how innovation can benefit preservation.  Sam and Danielle also discussed the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the preservation workspace. 

You can find Indow Windows on their website or by phone at 503-284-2260.