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We ended our summer here at Historic Restorations with a bang…our Preservation Circus in late August.We really enjoyed hosting it and all our guests raved about how much they enjoyed being there for it, so we’re calling it a huge hit. Penelope’s “reviewing” it from her perspective in her column this month (and we hear she took lots of pictures).

Event box

Penelope was a hit herself at the Circus,and she’s lucky she was because she pulled a naughty prank and showed up in a clown costume even though clowns had specially been banned. (We are a bit worried that all the fan mail she is receiving is going to her head, but it does help keep her motivated to keep her deadlines. We just hope it doesn’t turn her into too much of a diva.)

Penelope is quite inquisitive and very observant (especially when there are treats involved-she has mastered sitting very still if she THINKS a treat might be involved). When ever we are ready to give her a lesson in historic preservation, we just pull out the treat bag and we have he complete and utter attention. Atleast for as long as we have that bag in our laps…

This month we are highlighting the recent testing our windows underwent to see whether or not they met the LEED standards that a project we’re currently working on required we meet.

It was an interesting experience and one I’m not likely to forget anytime soon. I mean,when you experience testing that involves machines that open and close doors, giant wrecking balls, and a huge propeller system -it kind of makes an impact on you. (Even though none of our windows were lucky enough to experience those particular tests.)

Our windows were tested for air infiltration, structural integrity, and water infiltration .And despite the fact that I was sick and trying my hardest NOT to contaminate the world, I am glad I went to see the actual testing as it was done.(I think some of our guys wanted to go and were a bit jealous of me -well, not of the being sick part- because they wanted to see the wrecking ball in action.)

The results shocked us and weren’t at all what we expected. So keep watch for them in upcoming posts!

While you’re waiting, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte, a piece of pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, or whatever pumpkin flavored food it is you enjoy this time of year and celebrate the arrival of fall with me!

As always,if you have any questions or need anything just let me know.





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