Preservation Round-up for April

Articles on Preservation of Historic Buildings and Architectures


Restoring a Piece of Aviation History

A small but mighty group arrived in New Castle, Delaware, to tackle a bank of metal-framed windows at the Bellanca Air Service Hangar. Even while working, Beth Obergh and her teenage children fell in love with historic New Castle and said……Continue reading

Conserving a 17th Century Cottage 

AiP volunteers had only been working in the village of Brecljevo for three days before just about everyone in Slovenia knew what we were up to! Word spread fast thanks to a segment on the popular news program, Slovenia Chronicle, that featured our intrepid volunteers from Australia, the US and Slovenia……Continue reading

Re-Plastering The Jean [Jacob] Hasbrouck House

New Paltz was founded in 1678 by French Huguenots, and one of its earliest houses, the Jean [Jacob] Hasbrouck House built in 1721, remains in nearly original condition. Its restoration was a multi-year, cooperative effort between non-profit organizations from the US and France……Continue reading

Restoration of the Weisel Bridge

The Weisel Bridge is an arched masonry bridge originally built to carry horse and buggy traffic on its way to Quakertown. The bridge, now a part of the Pennsylvania state park system, is limited to pedestrians and creates a feeling of historic authenticity for visitors. Sitting near the Weisel Hostel, it draws people to the site. Both park and hostel managers feared that the loss of the bridge would not only diminish the visitor experience but also lead to a loss of revenue needed to maintain the park……Continue reading

Restoration of the Francis Mill

In 2003, AiP received a plea to help save the historic Francis Mill, which was on the verge of collapse. We first organized an emergency stabilization workshop to get the structure through the winter, and then helped the community form their own non-profit preservation organization, the Francis Mill Preservation Society……Continue reading