Preservation Round-up for December

Articles on Preservation of Historic Buildings and Architectures


Historic Humboldt Gardens

Perhaps it is appropriate to say the building is known historically as Humboldt Gardens as it was so deemed in the 1930s and possibly earlier prior to Prohibition. Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company constructed the saloon in 1890 at the advent of the brewery built saloon era that swept through Milwaukee from the late 1880s to 1907….Continue reading

An Architectural Recuperative Village -The National Soldiers Home

Looming over the tree line of the Soldier’s Home grounds, an almost haunting tower beckons to the curiosity from its little-known location. Nestled between Miller Park and the village of West Milwaukee, the former National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers stands practically hidden amidst its park like setting. Quite literally a recuperative village for veterans to regain their physical and mental health amidst the parks tranquility, the Home was complete with living quarters, theater, chapel, a rec. hall, library, rail ticket office, and post office….Continue reading

Chief Lippert Fire Station

The Chief Lippert Fire Station, also known as Chemical Engine House No. 1, was constructed in 1876 according to the designs of Thomas Philpot, and possibly Sebastian Brand, in the name of Fire Chief Henry Lippert who lived in the adjacent Brewer’s Hill neighborhood. The building housed a chemical fire engine company….Continue reading

Architectural Styles of Old Louisville

Although pure examples of a particular style are often difficult to find in Old Louisville, there are several predominant types of structures, like Victorian Gothic, Italianate and Richardsonian Romanesque….Continue reading

Cleveland City Farmhouse

This house, at 1209 East 71st Street – just north of Superior – has been on my radar for a long time. In fact, it was the subject of one of my very first stories here.  Try to imagine the house as it was at the time it was built, 160 years ago. Remove the porch. The house would have sat on a rise, a couple of steps leading up to the front door…..Continue reading