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Articles on Preservation of Historic Buildings and Architectures


Victor Moore’s Junk Castle in Washington State

There was this guy who lived in Washington State who wanted to do something funky for his Master of Fine Arts thesis so he built a castle out of junk in his yard. He used all salvaged materials from a local junkyard and a nearby defunct rock quarry. This happened back in 1970 so it was probably quite a sensation at the time. The guy’s name was Victor Moore and he went on to teach high school art and to inspire hundreds of students to do more with less, so to speak……Continue reading

Exploring western ghost towns: Ashcroft Colorado

This past Labor Day weekend, I dragged my reluctant family on a jaunt up into the Colorado high country to find a certain ghost town known as Ashcroft. Located 11 miles outside of Aspen, Ashcroft is easily accessible and the site is well-tended by the Aspen Historical Society. On a bright sunny Colorado day, we traversed the short trail and came upon the remains of Ashcroft……Continue reading

Waterville, Vermont Playground

You never know where or when you will come across an awesome historic playground! The small town of Waterville, Vermont is such an example. The current library and town offices are housed in the former Waterville Central School, which is a classic 1930s two-room schoolhouse (a relatively common building type in Vermont)……Continue reading

About Danielle Keperling

Danielle Groshong-Keperling has worked full-time in the restoration industry since 2001, but her education in the traditional trades, construction industry, and historical preservation was built from an early age through her Father's work in the traditional trades and her Mother's love of historic architecture. Now, with Jonathan (an artisan craftsman in his own right), her partner in business and life, they work together to help historic building owners restore and preserve their piece of our built history.