Preservation Round-up for November

Articles on Preservation of Historic Buildings and Architectures


How to Revive Our House Paint Scheme

Our agent had run out of things to show us when she hesitantly mentioned one more house, an estate sale that hadn’t been listed yet. At first we had only the street name, so we walked up and down saying, “I hope it’s this one . . . but I bet it’s that one.” Of course, it turned out to be that one, the dilapidated Italianate….Continue reading

Caution Old Home Owners

By following the information in this site, your house will stand out from the others in a class unsurpassed. Whether you live in a small bungalow or Gothic mansion, your house will be able to equally make a strong impact on others. Although there are many references to Historic Restoration, our goal is based on and emphasizes Aesthetics. However, in most cases both are accomplished by following timeless Architectural Principles….Continue reading

Historic Preservation in Lebanon, PA

This was by far one of the most well-preserved American cities I have ever visited. The business district and Victorian era residential districts seemed wonderfully intact and most appeared to be well-maintained, as far as these old towns go. The contrast between some of the eastern and western PA cities is rather startling……Continue reading

Restoration of former mansion

Last year, Louis DePellegrini solved a vexing neighborhood problem when he purchased the nuisance apartment building next door to his Allegheny West home. Now he has a different problem: He wants to restore the former mansion at 835 N. Lincoln Ave., which had been chopped into 20 apartments — one per room — in the early 1950s. But he can only guess at what the facade, which has been stripped of its porch and brutally modernized with casement windows, might have looked like….Continue reading

Restored Oswald Jaeger Bakery

Hidden away amidst the Hillside housing development at North9th and Somers, the former home and bakery of Oswald Jaeger is barely discernable from neighboring thoroughfares. Just a glimpse of the turret can be seen while traveling northbound on Interstate 43. My curiosity has long been piqued by the blue spire that can narrowly be seen from behind the Leinenkugel’s Brewery building for just a moment, shortly after the McKinley/Fond du Lac exit….Continue reading

West Side Savings Bank

The introduction of interstates and freeways has marred our perception of the neighborhoods that our current city lies upon. Freeways transected neighborhoods like the Third Ward and Bronzeville, and wiped out large portions of once thriving commercial centers as in the Park East corridor. Standing at the corner of Third and Juneau, surrounded by vast expanses of concrete, new hotels, and parking structures, it’s hard to imagine this intersection as a bustling epicenter of the west side comprised primarily of German immigrants and their children…..Continue reading