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Your house is a money pit, you know it, I know it and there is no way to get around the fact. So what do you do, when you discover that your largest single investment requires you to constantly tend to it with your time and money.
A quote from my childhood, “a stitch in time saves nine” referees to mending your garments -while a small repair takes a few minutes, if you let it go the repairs will be much more extensive- cost increases. Now what do you do, do you look for the least expensive solution? A little paint, some caulk and a prayer?

About Danielle Keperling

Danielle Groshong-Keperling has worked full-time in the restoration industry since 2001, but her education in the traditional trades, construction industry, and historical preservation was built from an early age through her Father's work in the traditional trades and her Mother's love of historic architecture. Now, with Jonathan (an artisan craftsman in his own right), her partner in business and life, they work together to help historic building owners restore and preserve their piece of our built history.