Practical Preservation Podcast featuring Jobie Hill of Saving Slave Houses

Jobie Hill, the founder of The Saving Slave Houses Project, joined the Practical Preservation podcast to discuss information about her project’s origins and ongoing projects, as well as future growth. We covered a multitude of topics including:

  • Her background in multiple fields related to preservation and what triggered her interest in saving slave houses
  • How a master’s thesis idea led to the discovery of connections between former slaves’ narratives and the slave houses, both of which were documented separately by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930’s and 1940’s
  • Her instrumental work on the Mulberry Row Project at Monticello
  • Predecessors who started similar research on slave history and homes before it was widely accepted
  • The challenges of extending her project with others’ help, and hopes for future growth






More info:

C-SPAN videos 

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