Practical Preservation Podcast Featuring Samuel Slaymaker of Rock Ford Plantation

Samuel C. Slaymaker, III, Executive Director of Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA, joined the Practical Preservation Podcast to discuss the museum and property’s history, services, and events. We covered a multitude of topics including:

  • Samuel’s background and what led him to his current role of director, including growing up in his ancestral home, itself once a historical house museum    
  • The significance of Rock Ford Plantation’s original owner, Edward Hand, and his impact on Early America – including his role as Adjutant General to General George Washington
  • How the museum handles challenging topics, including the history of enslaved persons who resided and worked on the plantation
  • How Rock Ford Plantation’s interior was fortuitously preserved, and consequently became one of the best preserved examples of original late Georgian architecture in America
  • Rock Ford’s subsequent rescue by a group of caring Lancaster citizens (Rock Ford Foundation) from certain destruction in the 1950’s
  • In addition to the site’s primary role as a museum and historical site, details about services, activities, and events at Rock Ford, including weddings
  • How there is no substitute for connecting directly with a historical place






General contact information

Samuel suggests some ways that interested people can support Rock Ford, including volunteering or becoming a member

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