Preservation Round-up for February

Articles on Preservation of Historic Buildings and Architectures


Doors Open- Whatta ya Live in a BARN?

A few years ago deGruchy Masonry Restoration helped restore a destroyed barn. Arsons destroyed several barns in the Quakertown, Pennsylvania area and these kids behind it all were finally apprehended. Only the stone walls remained standing……Continue reading

Limelight Spark Segment: Barn Again

Barns are an amazing part of America’s agricultural history. They have housed livestock and have kept crops fresh. The number of farms over the past fifty years has dropped from six million to just above two million in the United States. Even though the numbers of farms have dropped in the United States, their barns are still standing strong……Continue reading

Statue Restoration: A Girl and Her Dog

Lately we have been restoring stone object art such as this historic marble statue of a girl and her dog. We do the repair work in our shop at HQ and utilize the skilled artisans who are employed here……Continue reading

Restoration of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is the only US University with a World Heritage designation, it’s conservation is of the utmost importance and is currently undergoing the largest restoration campaign in decades……Continue reading

Neighborhood Preservation in Philadelphia

This week, the Chemical Heritage Foundation released an episode of their award winning podcast “Distillations.”  In this episode, Randy Ruth of discusses the chemistry behind lime mortar, historic masonry buildings and the ongoing efforts to preserve one of the finest works of notable Philadelphia architect Frank Furness……Continue reading