Practical Preservation Podcast featuring John Stahl of Next Generation Systems

John Stahl of Next Generation Systems joined the Practical Preservation podcast to discuss his epoxy system, preservation contracting experience and services, plus his window evaluation program of surveying, documenting, and providing recommendations to building owners.

A Practical Preservation first – John launched his new product ‘on the air’ – cold weather epoxy for wood:

Contact information and discount code:

John Stahl – 607-760-6658 or

10% off of epoxy repair materials – code practicalpreservation


John Stahl started his career working on a historic property in Salt Lake City while attending college.

John moved to New York City and began a small painting and building restoration company.

In 1992, John began a long relationship with This Old House Television show demonstrating wood and wood window restoration. John also worked on several articles for This Old House Magazine.

John assisted Sanford University in surveying and developing a detailed scope of work for the restoration of 1300 windows and doors at their historic Main Quad.

John is the owner and product developer for Next Generation Systems located in Altamont, New York.

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