Keperling Preservation Services is a full-service company and we offer the following range of services to help you complete your project and maintain your historic property.

Restoration Consultation

You might have an idea of what you want to do with your historic building, but aren’t sure how or what is historically compatible.  You might only know that something needs to be done, but have no idea what or how.  Either way, our restoration consultations are the perfect solution. Our restoration consultation services including meeting with you at your building to go over the ideas and goals you have for the building, to evaluate the stability of the structure, alterations on the property, any changes you are proposing, the uses and possibilities of the property, historical research into accurate treatments of your project, and historically appropriate and compatible approaches to your project.

Custom Design Services 

For those times you need someone to take the rough idea you have of what you want and shape it into a solid design that incorporates modern functionality while honoring the historic integrity of your building, Keperling Preservation Services can provide custom design services to provide you with the visual guide you need.  Whether your project is a small remodel, large overhaul, sympathetic addition, adaptive reuse, purely a preservation project, a greening and sustainability renovation, kitchen makeover, or something else entirely – we can create a design that meets your needs and pleases the eye.

Project Development

We’re all familiar with the old adage of “Expect the best, Prepare for the worst”, but it turns out you don’t need to live by it – at least not for your preservation project.  Our Project Development services can help you realize the best and prevent the worst with solid project planning.  From measuring spaces to pre-project/design meetings, to providing samples, to deciding on custom finishes and color choices, to providing drawings and obtaining building permits and approval from historical and/or planning boards, to material submittals and acquisitions – our detail-oriented approach will help ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

Maintenance Plans

Make sure the investment you’ve made in your historic property is well taken care of – Keperling Preservation Services can work with you to create a Maintenance Plan that insures the historic elements of your building are preserved based on your goals and priorities.  Maintenance Plans are also a good way to budget your projects into manageable pieces rather than looking at all of the work to be completed at one time.  Click here to view our Maintenance Plan brochure.